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At Lotfi Legal LLC, we have experience working with foreign nationals who qualify to self-sponsor for a green card by filing an EB1A or EB2 NIW immigrant petition. Our clients often have a PhD in science, engineering, or technology, but some do not. We work hard to strategically highlight all of your accomplishments so that your case is well-presented to USCIS.

EB1A & EB2 NIW - Getting a greencard because you're awesome.

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EB1B, EB2 & EB3 Working with Employers

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We have the know-how you need to help you sponsor a foreign national for permanent work authorization in the United States. We have experience obtaining labor certifications. We work with you and review your case thoroughly before submitting anything to USCIS.

Make your mark. We believe in the American Dream.

Reunite with Family

Family-based immigration is one of the fastest ways to reunite with family and immigrate to the United States.


US citizens can sponsor their immediate family members without being subject to a quota or waiting time. 

Green card holders may also sponsor their immediate family members. However this category is subject to a quote and wait time that varies. 

At Lotfi Legal LLC, we work with you to ensure that your case is filed successfully.